Kirkwood Station Plaza St. Louis MO

The 4 Best Things About Living in Kirkwood, MO

Living in Kirkwood, MO, is a great place for you to experience the convenience of a major city while enjoying the quaint feel of an old town. From family-friendly neighborhoods to economic opportunity, Kirkwood has something to offer for everyone. Here are some of the best things about this St. Louis suburb.

#1. History

If you like historic charm, you’ll love Kirkwood. Originally founded in 1853, the city has roots in the Pacific Railroad company. The Kirkwood Station is the perfect example of this. The station is included on the National Register of Historic Places and remains a functioning train stop even after 100 years.

In addition, Kirkwood has several thriving historic districts where visitors can see a number of buildings which have been preserved for their cultural and architectural importance. With eight different historic districts, Kirkwood is a city that continues to be vibrant today while respecting its roots in yesterday.

#2. The Greentree Festival

The Greentree Festival is a celebration that dates all the way back to 1961 and has been a favorite community celebration ever since. During the Festival, attendees can enjoy their pick of a wide variety of foods, arts and crafts, and other awesome activities. It’s a great family-friendly affair and has a long-running tradition of being the highlight of the fall season for the city’s residents.

#3. The Turkey Day Game

Speaking of history, Kirkwood boasts the oldest Thanksgiving Day high school football series west of the Mississippi River. The Webster Groves Statesmen and the Kirkwood High School Pioneers face off every Thanksgiving Day for an epic Turkey Day showdown! The first game debuted in 1907, and the (friendly) rivalry has been going strong ever since.

#4. The Magic House

The Magic House is a museum for children located in the Kirkwood area. Boasting 55,000 square feet of museum space, The Magic House is one of the largest and most well-known children’s museums in the country.

The Magic House features hands-on exhibits which encourage children to experiment and explore their creativity. The Magic House continues to develop and change, so the exhibits will vary from year to year. Regardless, this amazing museum contains four floors of wonderful exhibits.

The Magic House is a non-profit museum and relies heavily on volunteers to keep its doors open. Countless children have passed through its doors, and more than 550,000 visitors enjoy it each year.


Kirkwood, MO, is a great place to live and raise a family. From the wonders of The Magic House to the excitement of the nearby city of St. Louis, it offers a little bit of everything for its citizens and visitors. I love this area for its hometown charm and beautiful homes. If you’re looking for a place to call home in St. Louis, consider the vibrant community of Kirkwood! I’d love to show you everything this welcoming community has to offer, so contact me today!