St. Louis Tech Hub

How St. Louis is Becoming a Hub for the Future of Tech

There are many new companies coming to the St. Louis area that are innovators in the technology industry. They are making their homes in St. Louis because of all of the resources they can have access to, plus all of the jobs they will be able to provide to this area. If you want to find a new home in an area that is going to be stomping out other areas of the country in terms of tech advances, then you should consider finding a new home in St. Louis, Missouri.

Some of the Tech Companies Making a Home in St. Louis

T-Rex is a company that calls itself a technology incubator. It is a home for people who want to bring their new technological ideas to life with the help of experts in many different aspects of technology.Their goal is to inspire new levels of creativity, and bring those new, creative ideas to life. The people that are a part of T-Rex include entrepreneurs and developers, mentors and designers, and even some that are simply educators to move the creative process along when a roadblock appears. If you are looking to start a new tech-based business, consider leasing a space with T-Rex so you can improve what you have to offer the world. They offer amenities such as furniture, an in-house coffee house, and even free Wi-Fi!

Another tech company that calls St. Louis home is the Cortex Innovation Community. They have a 200-acre hub that was designed to help inspire and innovate creative minds. They started back in 2002, and have become a top hub for the fields of technology research and development, bioscience, and the commercialization of new technology. The decision to create the hub on the outskirts of St. Louis came because of all of the resources that would readily available to the people who worked with Cortex: the many universities that have homes in the area, the recreational assets that would be available to all of the employees, and the medical centers that the people working with Cortex would have the ability to work alongside. This gave their location a unique advantage that would be difficult to match in most areas of the country.

The Future is in St. Louis

Anyone that is looking to start a brand new technological company, or expand their current company, should consider buying a home in the St. Louis area. This allows you to have access to some of the most critical, yet motivational minds on the planet within the technology industry. If you need help finding a great home for sale for your family as well, consider turning to Sold by Irene. We can help you locate the house of your dreams, and that is close to the technology company that you pair up with. If you have kids, we can make sure your home is in a great school district, and that you can spend your off-time at fun recreational places like the park. Align yourself with the best technology innovators in the area, and find a new place to call home – all in St. Louis, Missouri.