Maplewood Missouri Homes For Sale

The History of Maplewood

Anyone that is considering looking for a new home near St. Louis should strongly consider the thriving community of Maplewood, MO. It is a historically significant town that has been growing for over 250 years, leaving its imprint on the state of Missouri as a whole. Here’s a peek into the interesting history of this great community.

The Early Days of Maplewood

Back in 1752, a young man by the name of Charles Gratiot left Switzerland and made the trip to America. He wound up in Cahokia of what is currently Illinois, then moved to the opposite side of the river, putting him in St. Louis. He there married the daughter of one of the city’s founding families, Victorie Chouteau, and they lived in a house that would now be located on the corner of Chestnut and First Streets, in what is now called Maplewood, Missouri.

The Sutton Family Influence on Maplewood

Two brothers made a big difference when it came to establishing Maplewood, and they were James Sutton, and his brother, John. While John came out to the area first and became a well-known blacksmith, it was James who went through and purchased up large quantities of real estate that later became Maplewood. They worked hard to establish this community among the residents of St. Louis, and soon found themselves with the ability to work with neighboring communities for the sale of some of their goods and trade of other valuables.

By the 1850s, there was a full-blown railway that made its way through the center of Maplewood, and by 1896, streetcars were prevalent along Sutton Avenue. The population went from around 200 people just prior to the streetcars, to having over 4,000 residents only eight years later. The city was officially incorporated during 1908, becoming an official municipality that elected its first mayor to be Mr. Arthur J. Crum.

Maplewood in the 21st Century

Despite some setbacks, the city has always been able to thrive commercially. Currently there are about 8,000 residents living in Maplewood, Missouri, and loving what the community has become. Over the last couple decades, Maplewood has made a tremendous effort to rebuild the oldest parts of the community, reestablishing the beauty that was once present on all of the city streets. Small businesses are getting a lot of increased business from the community due to the closing of many of the malls, and the variety of jobs has increased over the years because large retailers started to move into the area. People of Maplewood have the option of going to stores such as Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart, and even stores like Lowe’s, which help to bolster the economy of this historic town.

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